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Percipio Skillsoft is an American educational technology company that produces learning management system software and content. Skillsoft was founded by Charles Moran in 1998. Moran served as Chief Executive Officer and President from 1998 to 2015. Skillsoft had an IPO under the stock symbol SKIL in February 2000 and an SPO in July 2001.

Percipio leadership lacks vision, commitment, and strategy, there is a hostile work environment and is a toxic place for women, a current employee shared a review at

"Percipio: Hostile work environment. Leadership lacks vision & commitment at VP & GM level and below. Lack of leadership, strategy, and overall lack of concern for the customer and the employee. A toxic place for women and the advancement of women. 2 straight years with no bonuses for employees."


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Current Employee - Director says

"Hostile work environment Leadership lacks vision & commitment at VP & GM level and below 'Ole Boys Club' with men who didn't succeed and are not capable of executing or leading - constant spin of the same issues Lack of leadership, strategy and overall lack of concern for the customer and the employee Leadership manages to personal agendas despite the destruction to teams and organizations New leadership can't stay in their own lanes and instead are more engaged in causing disruption to others Lacks accountability of leaders - 15 months later and still nothing delivered Toxic place for women and advancement of women 2 straight years with no bonuses for employees - yet unnecessary spending continues at senior levels"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Skillsoft recently declared Bankruptcy! They have tried to spin it as debt consolidation, but bankruptcy does not instill confidence in employees or customers which means the mass exodus of both will continue. Complete lack of leadership from management."

Current Employee - Manager says

"The CMO, Tara O'Sullivan created organizational mayhem and psychosis by randomly hiring and firing people. Her delusional self thought that she could quickly learn from top experts, then go ahead and implement their ideas. She can talk the right talk, but cannot walk the walk. She routinely hired top people and the fired them in 3 months. In one case, she fired a VP at a conference in Vegas. The smart ones with options would figure this out, find other jobs out there and move on. Budgets would be promised, but then no department head would see the budgets, ever. No strategy in place at all. Sometimes she would hire some executives, push them to fire people, and then fire those that she had hired. Then a new batch of VPs and Directors would be hired to repeat the cycle."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"Executive management seems to be disconnected from employees. No chance to ask questions during townhalls. No bonuses, no wage increase for inflation... no company events... no team building events... we provide content to our customer saying to do all those things yet we dont do any of those things as a company. Also no CEO , for several years now... that in itself should be very telling."

Current Employee - Sales says

"Everything. Sales without a comp plan is like driving without a road map, going aimlessly without a destination."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Revenue continues to decline YoY resulting in no bonus payouts. All the reviews here about sales guys not getting paid commissions are real. Employees are just considered worker bees. Executive management (they only meet between themselves) is so disengaged with the employees, you only see them once a quarter during the company web conference call - where they deliver the bad news of declining revenues and how much work is left to be done and how we need to work harder (employees are already burnt out). The culture perpetrated by the executives is toxic - the top has become a cult of ex IBMers. Please don't go anywhere near this company, there are so many other great companies out there, unless you want to be miserable. I am on way out. This is a sinking ship and all they are trying to do is rearrange the chairs on the Titanic. The company has even been sued by ex-CEO who was fired a few days after he was hired for no reason and the company does not have a CEO, the one they have is a Chairman who is part time."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Majority of senior-executives have left. COO, GM, SVP Sales Operations, VP of Finance, not to mention company is on its 3rd CEO in less than 3-years. Sales has been without comp plans since Feb. 1. The company owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions to sales staff. Private Equity Owned with mounting financial troubles."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This once great company really cared about its employees but then, the company was sold to a private equity firm that put an executive team in place who knew nothing about the space or how to execute a strategy. The new leaders made everything about the numbers instead of the people. Their entire strategy was to innovate the product and platform but missed on the company culture. Brow beating the sales and CSMs is not how to build a winning culture. Recently the company has had underperforming results QoQ and YoY. RIFs occurred for Sales but not for leadership team. There hasn’t been a CEO in place for 18 months, the COO role has been eliminated, and they recently lost many of their top sales and CSMs to competitors and SaaS companies."

Current Employee - Account Executive says

"How about follow through when you say you're going to be "transparent". Don't offer one update and make comments about "earning back trust" and then disappear for two months or more. Actually put data in the commission system or provide an explanation for why there are a sea of zeros when we are closing business but not getting paid commission for it. What company that employs a sales force expects people to work for next to nothing? This is not what we signed up for nor is it what you promised. It's October already...perhaps some restitution is in order for all the months you have held our commissions hostage. At this point it is disgraceful, disrespectful and truly unacceptable. When are you going to "put employees first?""

Lead Generation and Verification (Former Employee) says

"this was a call-senter where you helped people find jobs in their locats but at the same time there was a "catch" to find a job and that was signing up for school and that made my job very difficult because people were more then willing to look for work but not go back to school for a degree. the least enjoyable was tricking people into thinking it was only a job and there was more to it then just work finding."